Consitution in PDF format

Student Athlete Advisory Committee Constitution -- Norwich University

Mission Statement
The Student Athlete Advisory Committee aims to promote communication and athletic awareness among students, the athletic department, administration, faculty and staff.  The Norwich University SAAC thrives to develop and promote positive relationships between the corps of cadets and civilian student athletes while also creating a positive image of athletics and student athletes.  The Norwich University SAAC strives to create service opportunities within the campus community and the greater community. 


  1. To promote communication between athletics administration and student-athletes.
  2. To promote a better understanding of the student-athletes’ needs.
  3. To solicit student-athlete responses to proposed NCAA legislation.
  4. To actively promote and support Norwich University athletics and encourage responsible social interaction and a sense of community between athletic teams.
  5. To enhance the image of student-athletes on campus and in the community by encouraging involvement of student-athletes in campus and community projects.
  6. To provide programs for student-athletes that will encourage academic achievement, health promotion, social responsibility and general awareness.
  7. To create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus-wide committees that discusses issues pertaining to student-athlete well-being.


  1. Membership shall consist of at least two members from each of the men’s and women’s varsity athletic teams. 
  2. Each member serves as a liaison between the committee and his or her individual athletic team.
  3. Each member shall be entitled to a single vote in all matters before the committee. 
  4. Members may serve on the committee through their NCAA eligibility.


  1. Committee representatives are appointed by team coaches in the spring for the upcoming year. 
  2. Each member serves for an entire year, and may be re-appointed by their coach. 
  3. Teams are expected to have at least one of their representatives be a junior or senior.

Each representative is expected to: 

  1. Attend all committee meetings and activities.
  2. If unable to attend, select a responsible alternative representative.
  3. Represent the team’s views at committee meetings.
  4. Report to the team and coach on all SAAC activities.
  5. Organize team members to help with special projects.


  • Members must be active in their campus SAAC in order to have an informed opinion to bring to the SAAC.
  • Members are accepting the responsibility of representing over 145,000 Division III student-athletes.
  • Members should understand that the SAAC represents all NCAA sponsored sports teams (or institution belonging to the conference).
  • Members must remember that they are representing the NCAA, including our campus and the Great Northeast Athletic Conference, and are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  • At all times, SAAC members must keep our campus committees educated about current issues.
  • While attending meetings, members will be open-minded and respectful of other people’s opinions.


  • Attendance at all SAAC meetings is required. Absences are excused only in the following cases: family emergencies, athletics competition or academic reasons.
  • Officers: Should an officer have an excused absence, they must select an alternate committee member to perform their duties at the missed meeting.  Officers are given one unexcused absence and then will be asked to leave the group.
  • Members: Should a non-officer member have one unexcused absence, their coach will be contacted and an in person intervention will be planned with the President, Vice President, SAAC advisor, or the student-athletes coach. Should the member have a second unexcused absence they will be dismissed from the group and a replacement will be appointed by the team’s coach.
  • If an individual plans to miss a meeting, they must send a written notice (via email) to the President before the meeting date.
  • After the missed meeting, the absent member should contact a fellow member to discuss agenda items covered during the meeting.

*Should a member or officer have a major conflict with academics during the chosen semester meeting time, the office should be filled by another existing member of the NU SAAC, pending a vote by the group and the member position should be filled by the appointment of another team member by the team coach.

At the first fall meeting, the committee will assign by election the following:

1. President

  • Presides over meetings.
  • Serves as the student-athlete liaison to Norwich University.
  • Serves a one year term.

2. Vice President

  • Presides over meetings in president’s absence.
  • Oversees subcommittees that may be formed in response to a need to the Norwich University SAAC.
  • Exercises all functions of the president in the president’s absence.
  • Serves a one year term.

3. Secretary

  • Responsible for maintaining attendance records.
  • Responsible for recording meeting minutes and delivering them to the SAAC advisor.

4. Communications Coordinator

  • Responsible for gathering information from teams and relaying information from SAAC meetings to team’s and coaches.
  • Responsible for contacting coaches as the needs of the group suggest.

5. Webpage Specialist

  • Responsible for working with the Sports Information Director to keep the NU SAAC webpage up to date.

6. Event Coordinator

  • Responsible for materializing events as they arise.
  • Responsible for delegating tasks out to other members of the group as fit.

Voting and Elections
All executive positions are elected during the first meeting of the academic year. Their term will be served for a full academic year.

Section 1: An officer is elected when he or she receives the majority (over 50 percent) of votes during an election.

Section 2: Impeachment of an elected official can take place when two-thirds of the members vote for impeachment.  Two-thirds of the committee must be present for this to take place.  If an elected official is impeached, a new election will take place immediately following the impeachment vote.

Section 3: On votes concerning student-athlete issues and the steps that should be taken to deal with these issues, every member will have one vote and the committee’s action will be determined by a majority vote.


  1. Meetings will be held bi-weekly or as necessary.
  2. Quorum shall consist of 50 percent of members.
  3. The attendance policy at meetings (see previous attendance section)

Proposed Amendments to the constitution must be presented in writing to the entire membership, and a three-fourths approval vote is required for passage of the amendment.