Men's Rugby: Norwich competes in Scott Milley 7s at UNH

Nate Rollins - Men's Rugby vs. UVM at Chris Munn 7s

DURHAM, N.H. - The Norwich University men's rugby team traveled to the University of New Hampshire on Saturday to compete in the annual Scott Milley 7s Tournament. The Cadets traveled down with two sides with the A side placing fifth, while the B side lost in the Tier II championship match.

The A side went 3-2, including a 40-10 victory over host Univ. of New Hampshire in the Bowl Championship match to finish fifth. The B side went 4-1 to combine for a 7-3 record in the tournament with the Cadets scoring a total of 32 tries by 13 players. The leading scoring for the A side was scrumhalf Nate Rolling with six tries and for the second side scrumhalf was Pasquale Cassese with five tries.

Div. 1A St. Bonaventure A and B sides were Champions in both tiers going undefeated in all of ten of their matches.

Tier 1 Pool Play

Norwich 14- U-Mass Lowell 17

1st Half

Wayton Try, Frick Conv. 

NU 7-0

Rolling Try, Frick Conv.

Halftime- NU 14-0

UML try

NU 14 UML 5

UML Try, Conv.

NU 14-UML 12


Final: UML 17- NU 14

Norwich 14- Boston College 12

1st Half

Boston College Try, Conv.

BC 7-0

Rolling Try, Frick Conv.

Halftime- NU 7- BC 7

Rolling Try, Frick Conv.

NU 14-5

BC Try

Final: NU 14-BC 12

Tier 1 Quarterfinal Final

Norwich 7-  St. Bonaventure 21

1st Half

Wayton Try, Frick Conv.

NU 7-0

St. Bonaventure Try, Conv.

Halftime- NU 7- St. Bonnie 7

St. B Try, Conv.

St. B 14- Nu 7

St. B Try, Conv.

Final: St. Bonaventure 21- Norwich 7

Tier 1 Bowl Semifinal

Norwich 28- Syracuse 22

1st Half

Syracuse Try

SU 7-0

Syracuse Try

SU 12-0

Syracuse Try, Conv.

Syracuse 17-0

Korbin Try, Frick Conv.

Syracuse 17- Norwich 7

Halftime; SU 17- NU

Inzenga Try, Frick Conv.

SU 17- NU 14

Henderson Try, Frick

NU 21- SU 17

Syracuse Try

SU 22-NU 21

Rolling Try, Frick Conv.

Final: Norwich 28- Syracuse 22

Tier 1 Bowl Championship Final

Norwich 40- University of New Hampshire 10


UNH 5-0

Rolling Try, Frick Conv.

NU 7-5

Candrilli Try

NU 12- 5

Rolling Try, Conv.

Halftime: NU 19- UNH 5

Schmitz Try, Frick Conv.

NU 26 -5

Johnson Try, Frick Conv.

NU 33- UNH 5

Candrilli Try, Candrilli Conv.

NU 40- UNH 5


Final: NU 40- UNH 10

Tier 2 Pool Play

Norwich B 21- UVM B 5

Cassese Try, Fanuef Conv.

NU 7-0

Halftime: NU 7-0

Faneuf Try, Faneuf Conv.

NU 14- 0

Harnedy Try, Minicucci Conv.

NU 21- 0


Final: NU 21- UVM 5

Norwich B 38- MCLA 0

L Jordan Try, Faneuf Conv.

NU 7-0

Norris Try, Faneuf Conv.

NU 14-0

Cassese Try,

NU  19-0

L Jordan Try

NU 24 -0

Norris Try, Faneuf Conv.

Halftime NU 31- MCLA 0


NU 31- MCLA 5


NU 31- MCLA 10

Solinas Try Faneuf Conv.

Final: NU B 38- MCLA 10

Norwich B 29- Northeastern B 0

McMullen Try

NU 5-0

Harnedy Try, Cassese Conv.

NU 12-0

McMullen Try

Halftime: NU 17-0

Cassese Try, Cassese Conv.

NU 24 – 0

L Jordan Try

Final: NU B 29- Northeastern B 0

Tier 2 Cup Semifinal

Norwich B 28 –UNH 12

Cassese Try, Faneuf Conv.

NU 7- 0

L Jordan Try , Faneuf Conv.

NU 14-0

Northeastern B Try, Conv.

Norwich 14-7

Cassese Try, Faneuf Conv.

Halftime: NU 21- UNH 7

Cassese Try, Minicucci Conv.

NU 28- UNH 5


Final 28 NU 21- UNH 12

Tier 2 CUP Final

 St. B Bonaventure 34- Norwich B 0

St. Bon. Try

St. Bon. 5-0

St, Bon. Try

St. Bon. 10-0

St. Bon. Try, Conv.

Halftime: St. Bonaventure 22-0

St. Bon. Try, Conv.

St. Bon. 29-0

St. Bon. Try

Final: St. Bonaventure B 34- NU 0